04 November 2006

Goodbye, C.

Folks, due to some security concerns of mine, I have decided to move over to the following URL. http://stepaway.wordpress.com. I have mostly been alright with the performance of Blogger. However, in forging a new identity, I have decided to go to a platform that I have heard is exponentially better, and that Bre uses with much success (IMHO). So, I hope y'all will join me. It should be next weekend before I have any new content up, but in the meantime, I hope that I can settle on a paint scheme I like. Bre's is mostly white, as are many others, like Plods. That's just counterintuitive to me, but it works well, tried and true. So, in the coming week, my energy will be focused on playing around with aesthetics, and hopefully finding some way to migrate, although I've never done migration before, so I am clueless. (and ideas? y'all are an intelligent bunch, and you like me still, no? :0 )

So, if you still want to ride my bandwagon, update those blog rosters! Hope to see you soon, and thanks for your friendship.

21 October 2006

Rapid progression toward a meme

I got this meme from Laura, who got it from somebody else. I really haven't much to say. Kina is doing alright (rather graphic link), albeit extremely sore and wacked out on painkillers. I'm in and out of good respiratory standing. I think it is indeed pollen allergies, but I am going to try to get a throat culture done just to see what issues there are left. That's really all, so on to the meme, if that's OK with yunz.

If I was wise I’d be cleaning my room!

If something I’m eating drops on the floor I… tend to cast it aside, unless it's on a rug, then no problem usually.

My favorite breakfast cereal is… corn flakes.

If I were a cat, my name would be… Garfield, I guess.

When I was little I… was more trusting in others and myself.

This weekend I shall… watch the MLS playoffs. Go Rapids! Kick some FC Dallas hiney! Tonight at 9 eastern on FSC!

17 October 2006

the point of no return (the rebirth of a young woman)

I have had my mother in town for a few days. In general, things have gone wonderfully, which is hard to say sometimes with her. I admire her for many things. She is a good contributor to society, a talented person in many ways, and good to be around when we are on the same wavelength. Often we aren't, though. She and I are very different personalities, and it can get grating.

We saw a good adventure movie with Kevin Costner, though. Honestly, I was in the mood for lighter fare, but this movie proved to have extremely good special effects, nice scenery, very well developed characters (even if they only figured in as side characters).

We then ate at Outback. I had some pasta dish with shrimp and lemon sauce. My mother had a side of broccoli and a side of mashed potatoes (I almost called them mashers just now. Not much in the mood to write, but I think I need to). Tons of brown bread as well. Lovely bread. Lovely lovely bread.

I then got home. A new acquaintance (I guess you can say friend, on an IM level) has hit a financial wall that she never quite crashed through on her way to a double lung transplant. However, for whatever reason, tonight a new set of lungs were offered to her despite her financial situation. She had gotten home, to suburban Erie, I believe, a few hours earlier, and had to make a trip back out to Cleveland for the operation, which is underway as this is posted (8:45p et, if I remember). Not sure how long this kind of surgery lasts, but apparently updates will occur here in the "About Kina" forum.

Big night. Kind of exhausted. Kind of tense, but happy. I think it'll all be OK. Not sure, though. This is truly the point of no return.

Might shoot some photos tomorrow somewhere in the North Hills.

UPDATE: Kina went in to the O.R. just before 9, IIRC, and came out with two new lungs at 2:15. Apparently the procedure went as it was supposed to, and her family first saw her 45 minutes later. Thus begins the next phase of her life. Still in danger (rejection), but more in control of her life.

UPDATE 2: Off the ventilator already. Not sure how long she was supposed to be on. I'm new to following a transplant; anybody else witness this sort of thing? But everybody seems amazed.