08 February 2006

Mi casa es your haus.

This blog is completely without a theme, like most of our lives. I have no clue what issues may or may not be addressed on here, whether the colors of this website will change, whether I'm gonna polish off those onion rings tomorrow, whether there actually will be a terrorist attack tomorrow, thus perhaps preventing my next post. Things are just plain up in the air.

With that said, is CNN a bunch of drama queens, or what? I realize we're a little on edge, collectively, since 9.11.01, but Fox, CBS, NBC, and ABC all had nada on the evacuation at the capitol building today. It all raises an interesting issue, though. Most folks I know (which admittedly may not be a good cross-section) hate the news for droning on about one situation. However, CNN keeps on keeping on with it. I suppose ratings have not much to do with the public's tastes.

Switching gears to the subject of sleep, glorious sleep, I have a weird, but certainly not unique, ability to remember my dreams in vivid detail. Sometimes, though, you wake up remembering certain elements of said dream, but knowing in your heart there was more. That's why I hope we are implanted with some secret black box whose contents we are privy to once we are deceased. Last night, I had a dream that I was at the starting line of a sparsely entered marathon with my parents, and my aunt and uncle from Ohio. My father pulled me aside and confided that he felt really uncomfortable with my uncle, who is in reality a wonderful fellow (and does not know my father). That's all I remember from that dream. I will say that it's rather invigorating to have these Daliesque dreams. It's fun to guess if they really mean much.

Ohhhh, what else? Well, I was just surfing the web a bit for some Waterboys info. I've had that Whole of the Moon song stuck in my cranium today. I really like Max Edie's backup vocals. It seems, however, that she's fallen off the face of the earth. She has no wiki. Google and Yahoo come up pretty empty. She seems to have been last in a band around 1991. Something "Party". I know that the collective web information stash is a bit jumbled, but it strikes me as odd that this was so difficult.Anyhow, more dreams soon, I'm sure. The tiramisu from dinner is starting to kick in.

Good night.


Blogger burningcitreon said...

Max Edie, aka Lizard. Check out "The Bible Belt" by Nikki Sudden (featuring Mike "Waterboy" Scott), couple of great vocal contributions from here there ... Chelsea Embankment "Sitting in windows, On the edge of the wall
There's too many girls
In my dreams." Beautiful.

21/3/06 15:26  
Blogger Cory said...

That's a good site. I'll have to come back to it tonight. I'm sorry to hear of his passing.

28/3/06 17:46  

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