20 February 2006

Cory, the ideologue, Part I

These questions were borrowed off of Conservative Atheist and reanswered by yours truly. Just a small glimpse into my mind, I suppose.

If you're not ready to have a kid, and cannot find trustworthy adoption arrangements, and just don't trust adoption in general, then you ought to have the right to abort. Let's admit it, not every baby's life is going to be worth living. Furthermore, you aren't born with "certain unalienable rights". At least, you shouldn't be. You earn rights. That is how you mature into adulthood.

(above parahgraph edited 1 Mar 2006. Me and my klutzy proofreading!)

Secondly, women are going to do it anyhow, so why not make it safe. Making abortion safe has nothing to do with encouraging it.

Affirmative Action
I don't fully understand AA/EO, but I am firmly against race quotas. Using race quotas just squeezes some mixed race folks out of the equation. Furthermore, it denies more deserving people a chance at whatever it is said people are aiming to do, be, etc.

AIDS Awareness
We should always take measures to make sure Americans are educated about disease---any disease. It should be an integral stream of high school education. Although nobody can ensure contraception is everywhere, it should never be denied a person because of somebody's moral stance on the issue of contraception, AIDS, or whatever else.

Animal Rights (PETA and the like)
Don't be unnecessarily cruel to animals, but don't deny society's right to hunt within reason of law. Humans first. Animals a very close second. So goes the food chain. Survival of the fittest is universal.

Cloning/Genetic Engineering/Stem Cell Research
I'm in favor, however, I'm not so sure it should take the place of disability rights legislation. At least not within reason. Society still needs to work on incorporating the disabled into the economic structure the best it can. That's unfortunately the only way I see that the amount we spend on social security can be lessened.

Capital Punishment
If we want a safe, moral society, we must not be afraid to punish those that stray from law. The death penalty is in no way a deterrent, however, I see no proof that it exacerbates the problem of murder. I also don't see how the constant capital appeals made does anything to make it less likely that an innocent person will be executed. Unfortunately, such people will be killed once in three blue moons. Mistakes happen, and I firmly believe I'd feel that way even lying on the gurney at Rockview.

Keep capital punishment, but lessen appeals, at least somewhat.

I support free speech, except by government, which in most cases is supposed to be neutral.

Defense and General Military
I support a moderate defense. I do not support spearheading international war efforts of any type. I'm very glad Saddam was gone, but am pretty disgusted that we don't seem to have a closure plan. We are there without any further m. o., in my opinion, despite what the right has said time and time again.

Environmental Issues
We need to protect the environment, but not be obsessive. There are city-slickers and there are country folk, and they both have a right to be happy, and both have a duty, if possible, to maintain jobs and pay taxes.

Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide
Kevorkian, in my mind, was a little overzealous. However, if you really feel like life is hopeless, you should not be denied the right to end it. Don't ever suggest it to a person, though.

I'll likely finish this off in my next post. Stay tuned...


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