18 July 2006

not Roger Ebert, not even in a heat wave

Listening to: I Predict A Riot, Kaizer Chiefs...errrr, wait, that just ended as I wrote that out. Now it's Take A Chance On Me, Erasure.

I went malling today. Kind of a teenly thing to do, I suppose. Oh well. The weather is atrocious. Our AC isn't all that great. Nothing really do entertain me here at home. Thought I'd go see a movie. I picked You Me and Dupree. Pretty entertaining flick, although I hate macho men like the ones portrayed in the movie. It actually wound up being pretty funny, though, albeit fairly unrealistic. The previews were awesome, but because my brain was completely fried, I can't remember any of them. Also, a trailer for a movie about snakes invading a commercial airline flight freaked me out, so maybe that helped me forget the good stuff. If I remember, or can find it on the web, I will post the info.

I brought in from the mall dollar store a bottle of diet cherry soda, a bag of beef jerky, a bag of pretzel-cheese snacks, and a bag of chocolate covered cherries. The damn heat is preventing me from eating anything further.

Listening to: Wings of A Dove, Madness


Anonymous russ said...

i dislike the jerky of beef

19/7/06 12:03  
Blogger Cory said...

It's a little rough on the dental infrastructure, but if you chew it right, you can floss with it.

20/7/06 22:49  

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