06 July 2006

perfect weather for hypocrisy

When living in my dorm at Landmark College, I always used to get so angry at people that brought in these elaborate sound systems that could blast a SCUD missile out of orbit (I almost said something besides a SCUD, but...welll...). What was worse in my opinion, is that some of these people would keep on with the same song, looping it on its own until kingdom come. Well, folks, I've been doing it, too for the last 30 minutes. I've been typing to the tune of Joy Division's "Love Will Tear Us Apart" on my Musicmatch Jukebox. It just ended, and I'm letting it go now. Next in line is the stream of KVSC in St. Cloud, MN, but that seems not to be taking. Normally, it's the most reliable stream I can get (out of KVSC, KUOI, WMNF, WUOG, and WRVU, all public stations in various areas). OK, here we go, I think. I just cued up "Wings of a Dove" by Madness.

Soooo, here I am, waiting for GeekSquad. They've been here the last two days trying to lure the gerbils out of my roommate's computer. I sure as hell hope they can do it this time. I'm sick of my roommate saying how unfair it is that I have a connection and he doesn't. He's scary when he is mad. Self-centered as well, which is arguably worse.

Nice weather today, though. 72 and partly cloudy. Nice breeze. Good day to go get undergarments and Lysol at Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart's always a fun place to peoplewatch. The chain has a hillbilly reputation, which is certainly not unearned. However, this one is set in a town with some very nice homes, which makes it even more...uhhh...not quite right. Lots of those types in the movie Saved!

Have a lovely night.


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