17 July 2006

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The prevailing feeling of the moment is pain. Annoying physical pain in the form of a massive cramp in my upper right arm. I have absolutely no clue how I accrued this annoyance. I've been sitting down more or less all day. I was dead to the world, and I failed to notice what position I slept in last night. This pain extends from my right elbow to my ring and little fingers (I can't believe I just had to look up what those fingers were called.

Froggy 101, a station not within my media market (by a longshot!) is starting to give away bumber stickers like one that apparently appears on The Office. I want one! Thing is, I need to go to Pittston, PA, a suburb of Scranton and Wilkes-Barre, to score one. Only 300 or so miles...what the heck. After all, the link on their site about said sticker is dead.

Of significance, I am going down the hill on Thursday or Friday to UPMC Passavant to get myself a TB test so I can score a volunteer position there for a while. Not sure where, as I have to wait for an approximately monthly orientation, but last time I worked in a hospital, it was in medical records. I just entered record numbers of Pittsburgh EMS (Hey! I rode this unit once! I think I fainted in the atrocious summer heat! Wooooo!) reports into a Molly Ringwald-era computer. Good ol' DOS.

Oh, and I was right about Sweety...err...ummm...Nadine. And she also redid her blog skin.

Song playing: Alive and Kicking, Simple Minds


Blogger Laura said...

Used to do the yearly TB test thing. Whee.

17/7/06 20:03  
Blogger Cory said...

Yearly? Sheesh! Job rquirement? Well, least it's not a tetanus shot.

18/7/06 20:08  

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