09 July 2006

Italy 1-1 France (5-3 PK)

I am so, soooo sorry, Plods. It hurt to see ZZ get red carded out of his final match. I will say it was rather interesting to hear our commentators talk about how the referee team were not allowed to rely on all the screens in the stadium. Ergo, one of the assistants apparently caught Zidane's headbutting of another player in OT, leading to the red.

Good, fairly exciting match. I just hate the Emergency Alert System though. I know nothing happened immediately on kickoff, but the Pittsburgh area was amidst a test of the EAS (go to page 25 if you're that much of a geek) when it happened.

Ahhh, what else? Not a whole lot. Went shopping today, and my driver almost dumped me at Wal-Mart instead of the supermarket. C'est la vie, eh?

So, do I want dinner?

P.S. Barthez kinda looks like this guy, no?


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