02 July 2006

overzealous astronauts and race car drivers

So, once again, NASA's STS-121 shuttle flight was scrapped, again due to bad weather (Russ, you must be so annoyed by now :( ). It's not that I don't believe NASA about the weather reports. Especially since they need to make sure the weather is acceptable around the launch pad and around the emergency landing site, which is many miles away. Indeed it must be hard to coordinate a shuttle mission with that in mind. However, they are putting the next window on the 4th (I forget the time). Part of me kind of hopes it gets scrapped again. Having a launch on that date seems like too much of a sweet publicity opportunity. I just have this odd feeling that they'll try a little too hard to launch because it's Independence Day, maaaaan, and it would just be so right somehow. NASA is already under enough fire with the aftermath of Columbia. I just hope that if the launch takes place on Indie Day, it's solely for the right reasons.

Shifting gears, I watched, more or less, the U.S. Grand Prix today, the Formula 1 event from Indianapolis' roval (road course built within, but using part of, an oval track). Quite frankly, I've been tired and suffering from indigestion all day, so I can't even remember who won. However, I will say that the weirdness of last year, a 14 car (70%) boycott, did not happen. However, only nine cars finished, four of the non-finishers being wiped out on the first lap as the grid was trying to thin out at speed. Included was American Scott Speed. I'm not sure what let to all the other casualties, but I will say that one of the very first turns, as you turn off of the oval section of the course, is very severe for the velocity that the cars would be at while entering it. That alone helped cause the first-lap accident, and would also likely be hell on tires (none or few of which failed today, unlike in last years practicesessions, which begat the boycott).

So...uneventful race. And tired Cory. It's been in the low 80's, and I had bad insomnia last night, coupled with a bit of indigestion today. Doing better, but I'm a bit anxious for some excitement, or at least some zaniness (I need a weird cat like Kate [formerly Anne] has).

Doctor's appointment tomorrow. Woohoo!


Anonymous russ said...

It was annoying as heck. I had 2 chances to see the launch, but they were scrubbed. And when it did launch, I was on the road, somewhere in Kansas.

5/7/06 11:50  
Blogger Cory said...

Was it on the radio at all?

5/7/06 12:27  

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