22 March 2006

Come on Wiki, you can do it. Put a little power to it. On second thought...

Earlier this month Kristi Yamaoka, a cheerleader from Southern Illinois University, fell 15 feet or so while doing a stunt, injuring a lung and chipping a vertebra. Somebody in the media world was filming this as it all unfolded. It culminated in her being immobilized for transport to a hospital, and then breaking out in as much of a cheer (arm movements) as she could, from her stretcher as she was taken out.

I had heard of this somehow, but not paid it much heed until I saw it on Wikipedia. The girl has her own wiki now.

I'm just not sure what to make of that. It's certainly wonderful that she has come out of the accident all right, especially since it seems the world was equating a chipped vertebra to paralysis. It did not end that way, and it probably wouldn't have, if I know my anatomy. It seemed to me that she was indeed lucky to escape with a chip, rather than a clean break, but that only the latter would have likely impacted the actual cord. Funny, I have spina bifida, but I don't know if I'm right; there's still so much to be known about that system of the body.

It's just kind of bizarre to see this on Wikipedia. Not necessarily tasteless, but, well...I don't know. Funk & Wagnall's never included this sort of thing in their 1983 edition, I know that much. Just goes to show what different rules modern media goes by nowadays.

See you next year, Kristi. Stay safe.


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