17 March 2006

Am I suddenly "cool"?

I have gone mad! I have gone March Mad! I decided to join Rae's fantasy NCAA men's basketball tournament league. Be it known, if it isn't already, that I am famous for not following the big American sports. I can't even make good small talk when some UPS guy asks me who's going to win the Broncos-Red Sox game on Friday.

Granted, I'm not watching the tube right now, but I was rather captivated by the San Diego State-Indiana game last night. Helps, I suppose, that I am a native of San Diego, but still...it held my attention! A first!

In other news, I'm contemplating getting myself a crabcake for dinner. And a tiramisu. Who is this La Morra guy that keeps puttin' out suck kick arse tiramisu anyhow?!

Slogans of the hour:
University of Montana---Come study at the axis of evil.
La Morra---We do tiramisu right.
Sacramento State---well...can't think of one for them, but they'll kick Montana's Big Skybutt next season. Go Hornets


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