14 March 2006

C but no e to do list

1. Get them darned links in order. I forget exactly what I was doing, but I really messed up my code, and all my links to other blogs and other places on the web that I like went poof! Grrrrrrr. That's all I have to say about that, yo.

2. Get a pic of my bad self up. First, I need to figure out if, and where, I can digitize pics from a disposable, because that's exclusively what I use. No money for a digital pancypants camera. And certainly no video camera, like Brittney used on her latest post (13 March, I think). I just feel a lack on connection with people who read this blog. Whoever does Rae's pics does a nice job of capturing her persona (well, presumably). I feel like I know her somehow. As for me, for all you know, I could be 19 feet tall with a mottled purple complexion and pink smoke rising from my forearms. You never know.

3. Repair my stats counter. I had one just like what Rae had. Pretty neat-o gadget. It recorded all the search strings, which I find rather hilarious.

4. Maybe tinker with color scheme a bit, or font. Who knows.

Anything I'm missing?

frozen ravioli alfredo, canned corn, peanuts, and four slices of "buttered" wheat bread. Water with a squirt of bottled lemon juice to drink, in a 20 oz plastic bottle originally filled with some Surge-like energy soda. Nice souvenir from NYC if I do say so myself (and I...guess I do).

Not sure why I feel compelled to divulge all this, but consider it irrevocably divulged.


Blogger tricia said...

Personally I'd like it if you changed the color of your blog. The black and white is hard to read with my rapidly ageing eyes.
Divulge away. Its the everyday life that makes a blog interesting.

16/3/06 19:44  
Blogger Cory said...

Yeah. I was sort of thinking of that very same thing. It hadn't occurred to me that it might be hard to read; I guess I assumed the more contrast the better. I'll have to play around a bit. I wonder if black on white is better? I just don't want it hard to read also because of lack of contrast (i.e. dark blue text on black background).

I'll have to play around a bit before I go to NJ next weekend. (speakinawhich, I guess that's my next blog entry).

16/3/06 20:24  
Blogger Rae said...

I've seen some of the white template with black font and it looks OK. I don't have any probs with the black though.

A guy I ran in Miami with bought a "digital disposable" camera. It looked like a regular camera but when he took it to be developed he got everything on CD as well. But I think you can do that with all cameras now?

Are you getting a tax refund or anything? Our little digital camera was $200 and it takes great pics and video.

16/3/06 22:55  
Blogger Cory said...

My mother always does my taxes. She's good at getting some good refunds, so, yeah, I'll likely get lots of pesos. Thing is, I lose things really easily. Officially, I have a learning disability called dysnomia, which deals with speech. However, I was taught that all LD's have ripple effects throughout the learning processes. This seems to explain my bigger problem, organization, which does not constitute an LD of its own.

Long story short, I love those 100 dollar-plus digitals, but would lose them too easily, unfortunately. I do need to look into those "disposable digitals" though.

That would be utter kewlness.

17/3/06 21:33  

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