10 March 2006

Tired, sore, and hangnaily...but very much clinically alive!

That's me. I'm back. I managed to make it work...on Amtrak. I'm gonna keep this short and largely irrelevant until I fully recuperate.

Hey, did yinz hear that Major League Soccer's MetroStars (the team in the New Jersey suburbs of NYC) were, I believe, bought out by Red Bull , the energy drink folks? So therefore, MetroStars have changed their name to Red Bull New York. Or maybe it's the New York Red Bulls. I don't think any of us will really ever know. But hey, man! MLS has a new sponsor on board! Makes me wanna cave in and buy that vile-looking (in the nicest way) drink.

On a semi-related note, let's play "Fun With Yahoo!" I'll go first!

I want badly to move to New Jersey.

An actual recap to follow soon, I promise.


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