12 March 2006

accidental makeover

Well, kiddoes, c but no e isn't quite itself today. See, I decided I'd get all creative and whatnot, and try to install a graphical title banner, like Rae did. I'm not a runner or a lovely redheaded female, but I dig the concept of the graphical banner, just to make this thing my own a bit more. Oh well. I screwed up. Least noone died as a result.

On another note, isn't the women's basketball selection show today? Gotta see who Geno's Huskies get to beat up on!

On yet another, more boring note, I'm going shopping tomorrow. Inevitably, it'll be without a shopping list, and inevitable, I'll buy easter candy, because hey, easter candy rocks hard core. But while there, I'm going to avail myself of the opportunity to pick the photo people's brains. You see, I want pics on this site. I just want so desperately for the world to know what I look like. I feel like I owe it to the world.

OK, enough melodramatics. But I do think this e-less c could use a bit more...je ne sais quoi. Je ne sais quoi is good, right? So, I'm a-gonna pick some brains about whether they have or know of any services to digitize pics from a disposable.

That's the way it's gotta be, 'cause that's the way I like it. And darn it, I'm Amtrakking to North Jersey in a couple of weeks to see the Pitt gymnasts at Rutgers. Don't y'all wanna see some pics from the projects?!?!

Yes you do.


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