21 April 2006

clipped wings

Very sorry about the bad word wrapping job in the post below. That'll hopefully teach me not to save my posts on Notepad, especially since you can save right on Blogger. Oh well. I'll deal with it tomorrow. I'm really tired. I just had Red Bull for the first time. I bought it at some newsstand at the Monroeville Mall tonight. Pretty delightful stuff, even though the first few sips have kind of a bite to them. I sure didn't get much of an energy jolt, though. In fact, I'm crashin'. No Red Bull wings here, baby!

Go New York Red Bulls. Take DC United for a ride tomorrow!


Anonymous russ said...

Red Bull and Jagermeister is good stuff...but beware, as it will creep up on ya and knock ya down.

24/4/06 13:05  

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