05 April 2006

Who was Ann Arbor anyhow?

Not too much news to report. The other day, I went to a job fair at Station Square. Pretty typical affair, but I had trouble getting into the spirit. I just plain don't like work, and I think my final supervisor at Giant Eagle killed it for me. She was an extremely heavy set black woman of fifty-something years age. She was just basically one to always complain, but never give clear direction as to what you were doing wrong. For instance, as a dishwasher, I needed to make sure the sink temperatures were all correct. She'd gripe at me about one sinkbeing too warm, but then I correct it, and she complains about me having changed the temperature at all. She did complement me once on a good day's work, but she didn't give me any clue as to what I did right; she just repeated "Good job today." I left work that day being rather upset, because by that time, I had learned to not trust her. Eventually, I was laid off, and within a week of that, she was "fired" (but that left her entitled to plead her case, and be merely transferred, so I don't know what happened to her).

Tomorrow, I am Greyhounding to Ann Arbor, Michigan, to support Pitt at the NCAA women's gymnastics Northeast Regional at the University of Michigan. I shall return Monday, maybe with photos of the area.


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