19 April 2006


Okeydoke, folks. I'm at a loss for interesting things to post about today, since I've been posting my hiney off on other blogs and bulletin boards, and such. So, luckily Russ has saved the day for me.

1.) I have spina bifida.

2.) I am huge on soccer. I watch MLS and Division One one TV. My favorite teams are the New York Red Bulls (MLS---formerly MetroStars), and the Seattle Sounders.

3.) I was raised Unitarian Universalist, but have slowly pulled away from that religion. My faith is atheist now. Yes, atheism darn well is a faith. I don't know that there's no God, just like you don't know there is a God. However, I'd strongly prefer that that were the case. I just find a comfort in the laws of physics, and see it as a framework for society, ultimately.

4.) I don't really like to take photos of myself, nor volunteer for others' photos of me. I do, however, like to take photos, especially when on trips out of town.

5.) I used to be pretty heavily into disabled sports, particularly wheelchair track and field, and road racing. I resent "Special Olympics" being bandied about like it's a term for disabled sports. It is a governing body for mentally disabled sports and activities. I fully respect and agree with their mission, but it is inconsistent with my needs, and the needs of many such people, as a physically disabled man with full mental faculties. (I do have a learning disability called dysnomia, but LD's are not the same as mental retardation. Unfortunately, I don't know enough to articulate the difference.)

6.) I want to go to Sweden. Particularly Linkoping. I like women's soccer as well as men's, and Sweden has a very strong women's league. One of the players, for Linkoping FC has her own website, which I discovered a few years ago. In it she discusses her soccer life, her social life, and vitiligo, a skin condition that a former Talk Soup host also is rumored to have. It's just neat to see elite athletes be good community members, as well. So much for the millionaires in American pro sports.

Oh yeah...Rae?

TAG, BLOGSISTAH! You are it.


Anonymous russ said...

I like to think of my religion as being "TREKKER." I tried my hand at a lot of religions, but my scientific mind just cannot fathom such things. Plus, religion, historically, even currently, is always the basis for war and harming others. WHY!? WHY!!!??? I am more of a spiritual person. The Earth, the land, the wind, the sun, the soil, is my God.

20/4/06 09:54  
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