05 May 2006

guilt trip post

I've really not had much to say the past few days. Well, really, since the fourth previous entry to this. Why? Not really sure. Just havent had much noteworthy to say. I did fire off some writing to my mother, who is trying to write her first book, with some of my stuff as part of it. I suppose that was productive of me, although I don't think I'm any more articulate on paper than on blog.

Ohhhh, what else? My uncle e-mailed me, suggesting a trip next month to Niagara Falls, not sure which side, or what we will do there. I suppose I'd better get crackin' on learning about customs at the border just incase we go to, say, Skylon Tower. He also wants to see a couple of movies. I've seen Stick It and She's The Man. I want to go see Akeelah and the Bee. Any other ideas?

In other news, ever lose sleep because you're so happy because a favorite song came on VH1 Classic? They played the Waterboys "Whole of the Moon" a few days ago, and I was insanely happy because I hadn't heard it for a while. But I had massive insomnia that night, to the tune of maybe three hours of sleep.

Also, I caved in and watched my first episode of Veronica Mars. Not a bad show, actually. The critics are right. But I mainly watched it because I'm a nut for Tina Majorino.



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