28 April 2006

Your question answered...

Well, seems that no one really took me up on the Q and A offer except for Plods. No worries, though. One is always better than none, especially with the lovely Plods. So, why my fascination with Sweden? I'm not entirely sure, to be dead honest. I watched the movie Show Me Love, about a lesbian girl from Stockholm who moves to a small Swedish town with her family, and struggles to find love with a rather conservative, popular, blonde girl who goes through all sorts of denial that she, too, might be lesbian. I got drawn into the language, which I thought was very pretty to listen to. Also, the scenery in the movie, while over 150 kilometers off location (Trollhattan instead of Amal), was still quite lovely compared to anything here in the U.S. The web-savvy person that I am, over the next years, I took opportunities to find out other things I might have been curious about with regard to the country. I follow soccer (association football), and started perusing the national federation website on info about it's national teams and domestic league, and found myself very intrigued. In reading about some of the teams, I took the opportunity to link off of each team site and learn about the various communities via their municipal websites.

So, I guess, in short, it was that one movie that got me interested in the country initially, and now I look out for certain things Swedish. I follow the women's national team (have yet to be able to attend a match, but some day surely) and a couple of clubs via the web. I also like bands such as Shout Out Louds. If I were to drive, it would be a Saab. And darned if IKEA doesn't have some lovely stuff to buy there (unfortunately my roommate's mother did the furnishings, and she hates IKEA. Too trendy, I guess).

How do you like them herrings?


Blogger Rae said...

I love Ikea!!!

Did you just add a tracker of have I never noticed it? I love reading the random ways people find my blog. I'm huge if you search for vomit!!!

29/4/06 23:35  
Blogger Cory said...

Actually, my early days (several months ago) of perusing your blog gave me the idea of putting it on there. The search strings are often hilarious (not so much on mine---actually, I'm wondering who the heck was searching for "Cory Pennsylvania").

So, yeah, a several months, although for whatever reason I had to redo the code and start anew.

30/4/06 00:40  
Blogger plods said...

I'm the person who comes here through Bloglines!
Thanks for your answer! I'm sure you'll go there someday! I've always wanted to go to Finland :-)

30/4/06 04:04  

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