26 April 2006

Why? Why, why, why?

OK, first, why, pray tell, do I have all sorts of links to runners' blogs, but not those of any soccer players or gymnasts? The latter are actually the only two sports I follow. Get a move on, Cory! Google is your friend.

Second, why am I reliable with my blog entries, but when it comes to issues that I need several entries to address, I procrastinate? I still haven't gotten to the meat of my Ann Arbor trip, and I think I will lose the remainder of my readership (Russ, and maybe Rae, too :o ) if I don't bear down. I also need to finish that entry I kind of hijacked off of Conservative Atheist.

Thirdly...awww hell. I just lost my train of thought. I need to make sure I get me a case of Red Bull tomorrow (as if that necessarily does anything but make my taste buds happy).

I'm groggy as all hell. And only over the last two hours. A cat nap here, a cat nap there, here a nap, there a nap, everywhere a cat nap.


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