26 June 2006


So, ummm...yeah. Does anybody read this anymore? I've left you all stranded for a week---two weeks in a row! I just have felt wildly unmotivated lately. Not exactly sure why, but I suppose my soccer fetish could have a little to do with it (ya think?!). I can say that I did not see any of the U.S. carnage. I'm kind of happy about that, but kind of not. I have mostly been watching little snippets of this match and that. I did catch the whole of Trinidad and Tobago v. Sweden, and most of Holland's rough match with Portugal. Three red cards were allotted, making the match finish 10 men vs. nine. I had almost forgotten how much referees have to do with the goings on at such competitions. Should be a rather bizarre, and hard, time for Portugal henceforth. This thing's just getting good, even though the U.S. and my two backups, Sweden and Holland, are both outtie.

Ohhhh, what else? I got my computer looked at by GeekSquad again. Rather frustrating that my roommate is more or less the cause of my problems. Our router got kerpowed by the storms of a few days ago. Ergo, I went out to the Shack and got us one. He hooked it up. I did not question him because I thought he new what he was doing. Turns out he didn't, and that was the only issue with my computer not being able to connect with the internet.

C'est la vie. At least the guy checked, for free, my speakers, which are new, but had not been working. Turns out I had failed to connect them correctly. Luckily my printer is just fine, but needs a new ink cartridge. I can procrastinate on that, since I never use it.

So, yes, I have new speakers. Yow! Now I can drain my account on file sharing. That is indeed what I am doing. A couple of hours, I downloaded Yahoo! Music, and technically made the transaction. However, their stuff couldn't pass my mighty mighty firewall. So, I settled on Dell Jukebox, which I had on my computer anyway. But now, I have a paid account. I'm not really sure if that's doing any good for me, though. Seems I can download all this music anyhow. I have a week to answer this question before I am actually charged. Until then, I am happy to geek out on a really weird array of music, including The Cure, The Waterboys, Tegan and Sarah, and...Michael Manring?!?!?! (moodswing much?)

Nobody's looking at me anyhow. I might just follow that up with some Ray Lynch and heavier, angrier R.E.M. (so, what is the frequency, anyhow. Did Kenneth end up knowing?)

Ahhhh, yes, and I took some atrocious pics in St. Louis, which has me somewhat demoralized. I afforded myself really, really bad lighting. And all within the confines of Lambert Field. Sorry, but that just gets maddening. But then it takes things like that to make you humble, I suppose. I still have tons to learn, but I love it, thanks to Tristan Tom and some others on Flickr. I'll hopefully have them up tomorrow.


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