13 June 2006

suddenly kick-ass metabolism

I have this as my desktop background right now. What about yunz? I just put in the search string "Dash 7" (no quotes) on Flickr, and all sorts of cool stuff came up. Do it!

Also, I am just oddly not terribly hungry. I'm getting there, for sure, but I'm not ravenous, and I haven't eaten all day. What is up with that? I went shopping yesterday, and picked up enormous amounts of food. Mostly my normal frozen fare (chicken fried steak, sweet and sour chicken, bread and whatever else). Normally, I'm all into tearing into the new groceries, but not today or yesterday. Not sure what's up. I'm feeling OK. Very peaceful, actually. I think it's because I'm working steadily on the St. Louis trip (day after tomorrow). Although I am not panicked, which is nice, and rare.

Tomorrow I need to get some new shoes at Target. Maybe I'll get some film done there, too. Usually I do it at Giant Eagle on the other side of the plaza, but if Target does it and includes a free CD, all the better.

I am completely oblivious to the World Cup schedule today. I've had fun watching the two matches I've seen, and fragments of other matches, but it's something I'm not being compulsive over.

Now if I could just get compulsive about cleaning my room!

P.S., I completely forgot about Hell's Kitchen on Fox last night. I caught a half hour of it. Was the rest any good?


Anonymous russ said...

My desktop background is usually something from the Astronomy Picture of the Day:


Everyday there is something new, and 1 out of 10 pictures are desktop worthy.

14/6/06 16:00  
Blogger Cory said...

I like my ambulance a little to much, but dude! Today's pic rocks! Thanks for sharing that.

14/6/06 23:25  
Blogger Beast1624 said...

I've gotten hooked on Desktop Earth. It gives high res satalite images of earth including current cloud formations. Updates the clouds every 15 minutes or so depending or your settings.:


15/6/06 17:57  
Blogger Cory said...

Desktop Earth. I must check it out. I'm getting more into the Nasa thing lately, with this STS 121 thing. I do hope it gets scrubbed to a less significant date. If something goes wrong, people might accuse NASA of milking a "perfect" publicity moment (July 4th).

3/7/06 15:59  

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