09 June 2006

It was super! And clasico!

Nothing like a little MLS to whet your appetite for the World Cup. I know it isn't the best league in the world by a longshot!!! We mostly make early, and ugly, exits in CONCACAF's club competition, even with DC United, which has something like 5 titles in the eleven year history of MLS. I guess things like that show how far MLS has to go to match the skill of the Mexican and Costa Rican leagues. But regardless, MLS' only derby (local rivalry), the Honda Superclassico happened tonight, and for the first time, Chivas USA beat the LA Galaxy at their shared venue. 2-1 to be exact, all goals in the first half. I'm rather surprised. Chivas' coach said the team looked cocky, but I saw fatigue, and lack of focus, in many parts of the second half. Good of them to hold on, though, and good on former Seattle Sounder Preston Burpo. He looked just as confident as he ever did down in Division One.

Not sure if I'm going to watch any soccer tonight. None of the matchups really intrigue me. On Saturday, I'm going to try to watch at least a little of the Sweden v. T&T match. I like all things Swedish, and the US is in CONCACAF, as is T&T. Although I am American, I tend to root for any CONCACAF team, just to say to the world "Hey, world! It's not just Europe and Brazil that play the beautiful game anymore."

In other news, Steve Nunno resigned a month or so ago from Oklahoma's gymnastics team. Talk about it here.

And Serena Altschul is 35. And she has been since October. Which means she'll be 36 in the October that is ahead of us. Oy!

Sand, meet my head.


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