30 July 2006

OK, maybe not the URL

Allison's blog lives!

Also, the U.S. Women's soccer team faces Canada in Cary, NC today. Same roster as the last match, apparently. I hope the weather isn't quite as atrocious as in Minnesota when they played Sweden. Regardless, should be a match.

Also, I got some photos from my mall trip the other day. Betcher real excited. I would be. But yay, another one of me. I'll try to upload tonight.


Anonymous russ said...

I once met Allison of Allison Lives fame.

1/8/06 12:07  
Blogger Cory said...

Cool, maaaaan! Dude! Are you that guy from radhole?!?!!? I've been on that one before!

1/8/06 14:39  
Anonymous russ said...

yeah that's me
the radhole one

1/8/06 15:32  

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