20 July 2006

United Soccer Leagues 1st Division announcement, plus some other garbage.

United Soccer Leagues, the governing body for most minor league outdoor soccer in America, has announced that the new team in Cary, NC, will be called the Carolina Railhawks. I was a little bit disappointed. I think "Railhawks" sounds like a baseball team. I was hoping for something simple (albeit arguably cliched), like Cary FC. There's already Miami FC in the 1st Division, and I like that. But hey, the capital region of North Carolina has a team now. And a new regional derby ought to be imminent, between the 'hawks and the Charleston Battery. Should actually be a good derby, with two presumably mediocre teams in two of America's jewel venues for soccer. I'm stoked. Glad to be getting Fox Soccer Channel.

On another note, my stomach really bothered me this morning, and presumably in a rush to the bathroom, I strained the musculature in my lower back. I cannot stand up straight. I am drowsy from lack of sleep, but if I go to bed now, I will have insomnia.

I'm off to the hospital tomorrow finally, to look into a volunteer post. I just hope it doesn't wind up morphing into an ER visit.


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