25 July 2006

third crutch

I love Wikipedia. I love learning new things. I love correcting things. I love laughing at the edit wars. Wiiiiiiiiiiki wiki wiki! Wiiiiiikipedia.

Unfortunately, I feel like I lack credibility when I look something up on there. Bummer thing this, the need to surf Wikipedia occurs so often that I always forget certain articles I want to look up. Depth of field just slide-tackles spaghetti carbonara and throws it out of my brain with the dirty footy pajamas (which don't exist in my wardrobe, by the way. Let's make that clear).

In other news, my back is slowly on the mend. I had a minor setback the other day when I bent to the side to pick up a crutch and felt a sharp pain, followed by about ten minutes of severe nausea, for which I had to immediately lay down on the floor to ride it out. I have been advised by friends to avoid Vicodin, as apparently that constipates you. I've been lazy about getting Advil instead, and have just been roughing it. I am indeed on the mend, slowly but surely. But boy have I been a grouch!

Tomorrow, I'm heading out to browse at speakers. I've been listening to podcasts on this website and this one, and I am now very much in the urge to podcast my posts.

Good night, Tunisia, and Happy Republic Day!


Blogger Sweety said...

I LOVE Wikipedia too!!

26/7/06 13:37  
Blogger Cory said...

I am addicted! Seems funny to be addicted to false info, but I am.

29/7/06 13:04  

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