09 September 2006

The Bog

Well, I had my interview a few days ago down the hill at UPMC Passavant. Same woman who guided us through the rules and regs of the UPMC system, which has hospitals from Pittsburgh to Erie to Johnstown. She basically asked a few general questions of me to try to get to know me. She confirmed my interest in working in the medical records department. She said that would be great, but that Passavant does not have such openings. She talked to me about the smaller hospital up in Cranberry Township that they operate. It's smaller, but is not a clinic. It is a full service hospital, with an ER and OR just like the North Hills campus. It is about 15 minutes away, which isn't great, but is doable.

Unfortunately, there was a major paperwork flub, which, amazingly, seems to be their fault. That's a rarity, for me and likely them. I had turned in a normal registration form a few days back. The front desk said they would turn it in to the supervisor (they were volunteers as werll). It didn't happen. Also, my supervisor showed me a couple of reference papers, with SASE's, that I never even saw! So, the reference issue has set me back a few days. I am waiting for a final meeting with her about what I'll be doing, but that cannot be done without references.

Well, at least things are happening. North Hills Community Outreach hasn't called lately, so...well...moot point, now, I guess.

In other news...Serie B news...Juventus opened their campaign with a draw, 1-1 against Rimini, who were red-carded at some point in the match. Rough start to a relegated champion who is also many points in the hole due to penalty from the match fixing scandal.

In Serie A, the Italian league people actually know, Turin has a replacement team for Juve due to the promotion of Torino F.C. from Serie B. They start their schedule tomorrow on Fox Soccer Channel home to Parma.

Let the fur fly.


Anonymous rae said...

Let's try this again....

Hello???? Blogger sux.

11/9/06 23:38  
Blogger Cory said...

Heh! Hey hey, Rae Rae. Worked this time. But yeah, this transition period is l with a capital AME!

12/9/06 01:38  

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