02 September 2006

Meme disguised as a general soccer update.

Real Salt Lake 0-1 Colorado Rapids, at the University of Utah.

I've been a little drowzy tonight, but I did watch the match on Fox Soccer Channel tonight, because I don't have the cash flowage for that pay plan that gives you every single MLS match (12 teams = six matches a week, for 32 rounds). So, Colorado won this thing 1:0 away. Good for them. I think they have completed one game less than RSL because of their schedule, so it probably wasn't a must-win, but it's a good result anyhow. Thiago Martins, who used to play locally (Here's some eye candy for you ladies) We were tied with RSL in the Western Conference standings for the fourth and final playoff spot. However, we were placed fifth due to goal differential (goals in favor of your team minus goals against). I think coming in, we were at -9. Now, because of a 1:0 shutout, we, I think, are at -8, which still stinks. Tiebreakers can be important, folks. Only four teams each in the East and West make it in. And we have less than 10 rounds left.

In other Major League Soccer news, Kansas City Wizards have been sold to a group of local investors that intend to keep the team in the metro area. The announcement was made in the suburb of Overland Park, Kansas, which appears to be the future home of a soccer specific stadium for the team. Currently, they play at Arrowhead Stadium, which is home to the local pointyball team, the Chiefs. I've not seen any official images, but it appears that a drawing of the stadium may have appeared as someone's BigSoccer forum avatar. It appeared as a brownish (brick?) squarish building with a half dome over the top. Not sure if this is a retractable dome or what, but that would sure be great if we are ever to adopt FIFA's global calendar, which basically starts at the end of summer and ends at the beginning of the following summer, with a very short winter break (which, in theory, I support. It's longer, it coincides with other countries' leagues, and it makes international "club" [pro team] tourneys easier to follow).

In other, more universally comprehensible news, I had a meme (from another blog), but I lost it. Rats.


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