08 September 2006

Here goes absolutely nothing!

I never go onto Blogger.com itself. It just is of no interest to me. Well, that is, if I let it be. I'm gonna go check out this beta situation, which I first heard about on Bre's blog (can you believe she is actually a blonde? My eyes don't work). This completely cought me offguard, and it seems like Bre is having some coding trouble related to this. As for me, I'm dreading the same, especially with archives. When I authored Live From Allison Park, I really had no chance to worry about it. My computer died a slow, bluescreen death. I dragged heels for about a year to replace it. And amidst all that, that account was deleted for nonuse. Now, apparently Blogger is making everybody migrate, or at least making it horrid for those that don't. I know I couldn't post a comment to Bre's blog today.

But anyhow, very sorry if in the next week or more, this place becomes a markup pigsty. I do intend to keep all y'all in my system. Email me at coryma@earthling.net if need be. Not sure how I'm going to tackle all this, because I really don't know the specifics of the situation at hand. It seems to be all here though.

UPDATE: OK, so I followed through, and I think I'm using the beta now. I think it automatically signed me in. Not sure though. If I'm right, and this is the beta, then OY, BRE!! Two hours of coding? Poor thing! Must be the shoes. I dont envy women's chance to drool over the latest high heels from...well, whoever makes and sells high heels. Even ones studded with pixels.


Blogger Bre said...

haha it certainly is a bathroom photo (how could you tell?!) and my hair is up, which always makes it look darker for some strange reason. The ends (which you can sortof see in the back) are very blonde. I was platinum blonde as a child, but now it's more of a honey color. I think you'll find blogger beta rather easy to manipulate in the general sense. adding links is very user friendly, as is changing the colors and fonts. The range of colors and fonts leaves a bit to be desired, but overall it wasn't that bad!

8/9/06 17:39  

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