27 August 2006

Forget those Emmy awards! Entertain me!

Listening to : "Strip", by Adam Ant

So, ummm, yeah. I'm checking my Mail.com account, and my mother emails me and her brother, stating that she got back to San Diego County from a weekend in Palm Springs without being mauled by unfriendly rural wildlife. Which makes me glad.

I'm not huge on awards shows, but I am bummed that my first knowledge that tonight was the Emmy awards was by that e-mail. I did want to see the Kubicle Kids, Scranton's Finest, the cast from The Office in all their glamor. But quite frankly, my stomach ain't right today. Not sure why. And I'm hotter than a dog on a treadmill trying to outrun a snake (don't let Pippin (corrected link!) see this post). Even though I feel like I've hydrated up the wazoo. And I have a doc's appointment tomorrow for my back, which is all healed, but my mother is pushing it on me. Not even sure when this thing is, though. I need to wake up bright and early and doublecheck with the office so I'm not late.

There's really nothing terribly interesting happening right now. Kinda been vegging, trying to learn about the ComAir crash at Bluegrass Airport (My aunt and uncle work at Boeing in Seattle, so I am a mild aviation nerd).

Listening to: "Fix You Up" by Tegan and Sara.


Blogger Laura said...

My brother and I are aviation nerds, too. (I like that term.) Of course my brother has managed to find every article/photo on the planet (and shared with me the 'official' speculation of the collective pilots-on-the-internet), and right now that crash just breaks my heart in two.

28/8/06 00:05  
Blogger Cory said...

The only "speculation" I have heard is by press, who have said that the plane took off from the wrong runway, too short of one for the CRJ. They havent seemed to arrive at why the decision was made to take off from the runway, though. So was it ATC's fault in part, or fully the pilot? And what about sleep deprivation? I'd love to tour the ntsb.

28/8/06 00:26  

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