14 September 2006

soccer and social security, together in a blog entry

Hmmmm. Seems like everything on my blog is lined up a little better now than in the past few days. Not sure exactly why, unless it's a Blogger problem (which has been happening quite a bit lately with the whole beta migration). But yeah, Survivor was pretty tame, it seemed. I mean, each tribe is on their own, which I had forgotten. So maybe things actually heat up after the migration. *shrugs*

So, like I said, my "cold" seems to not be a cold, but fall allergies. Maybe this will speed up my induction into the hospital (oops, I meant for volunteer work). All my paperwork has been sent, apparently, so I'm just waiting for a response. Maybe this lull will give my body time to adjust. Maybe I can get fitted for a respirator, too, to hasten things. I dunno. Just spouting ideas.

I am annoyed to no end at missing the U.S.-Mexico women's soccermatch. I forgot it was coming up so soon...as in last night on ESPN 2. *grrrr* Ahhhh well. Gonna actually go see some soccer down at CMU on Saturday vs. the Juniata women from central PA, since I opted out of the previous match. The weather should be better as well. 70's and no rain. At least I'll be prepared with my trusty raincoat.

And what else? Well, a debate is raging over my SSI status. Some folks seem to think I am eligible for full benefits despite my Agent Orange benefits. But others vehemently deny that, and say I am fully ineligible due to the fact that my AO pension automatically puts me over a limit of $600 or so a month. Soooo, we're still wrasslin' with that.

Rae, don't get ill at your next super-cute run, OK? Knock 'em dead. You, B and P rock.


Anonymous Rae said...

HA! I can never promise not to puke. Hey, it gets me a lot of hits!!! I've got to be #1 if you google vomit!

15/9/06 22:00  
Blogger Cory said...

Well, not much luck with that, but you are #1 I think with Rae Pippin vomit. Let's see if it works. heh heh heh!

15/9/06 23:49  

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