14 September 2006

no real time for a title

My lungs are still somewhat a mess, but it really seems not to be a cold, but pollen allergies. We have had wacky weather---little bit of rain, a little bit of sun. As it turned out, I did not go to the soccer match at CMU, just because it was raining rather hard, or if it wasn't, it was threatening, and I didn't have a raincoat. Today, I went to Wally World (a cute Raeism), and got myself one. It's a nice little red PVC number (apparently---didn't know they could do anything but make pipes with that). It's lined with grey fleece. Quite lovely. And I got myself some chocolate brown khakis, also eminently lovely. And some underwear. I won't go there, but I'm confident in its ability to do its job.

But anyway, this respiratory ailment is buggin' me, and impairing my ability to eat, but otherwise I'm fairly chipper. I had a 12 inch meatball sub with american cheese (not recommended), bacon, lettuce, and honey mustard. The cheese did weird things. It melted to the point that it got slimy. I had with it a bag of ranch Doritos, a bag of dark chocolate M and M's, and a Sierra Mist. But tonight, I just had an iceberg salad with "seasoned" croutons and cheapo cider vinegar dressing. I'm slammin' down the water, too, thanks to Realemon.

Anybody going to watch Survivor? I'm not hardcore into the show, and I really don't think this initial racial segregation will be as profound as it's hyped up to be, especially at the inevitable merge. But I am curious. Thanks, press!

And Luke da Man! Da Mayor Man! Luke Ravenstahl's on Letterman tonight.



Anonymous Rae said...

Survivor was pretty dull......I doubt I'll keep watching it. It's lost its appeal.

Take care of yourself! My allergies are kicking up, too.

15/9/06 22:04  

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