10 September 2006

Serie A underway. Indy Racing League ends.

So, I watched a little of the IRL race today. It was the final one, and I forget who won, but it was the final race, and the championship was still being debated. As it turned out, the championship was not decided on points, which were equal amongst the top two, but the first tiebreaker, which was, I think, wins (I'm too tired to look this up). Unfortunately, I forgot it was on, so I didn't see what brought Danica down a lap. She still finished 10th. Sarah Fisher was 12th of the 19. I'm sick of seeing only 19 cars per race. I hope the long-proposed merger with Champ Car goes through. Not sure what will happen with the technology of open-wheel racing, but I'd like to see bigger fields. My dream series would have five street course races, five road course races, and five oval races. The best of America. Points would be as follows:


3 pts. for pole; 1 pt. for outside pole; 1 pt. for leading the most laps, and most importantly, 1 pt. for finishing on the lead lap. This might better the competition toward the back of the field.

Also, I like the overtime idea that I've seen lately, where if the final scheduled lap is on yellow, the race goes on until the green flag is waved, and ends one lap thereafter. I think I've only seen that in stock car racing.

I watched a little soccer as well. Italy's Serie A was televised on Fox Soccer Channel today. Parma 1:1 Torino. Good for Torino to get a draw. That alone puts them above the relegation zone, which, In Italy, I believe includes the final four teams. In the case of this year, four already have severe points deductions, so everybody else is safe for now. The standings read as follows (click on image, and then click again to resize).


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