19 August 2006

Real Football!!!

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Well, I uploaded this to flickr. It is my Yahoo! fantasy football league. You will need to click on the image to see it better. My team is highlighted in gray. I am the manager. Watch out, world!


Anonymous russ said...

I would have done your league but I didn't plan on doing fantasy football this year and my friends made me and I will win.We did a live draft coz the computer draft is shady. Plus it's more fun to do it live.

21/8/06 11:08  
Blogger Bre said...

::sigh:: yet another seemingly fun thing that I think I'm genetically wired wrong for! I'm horrible at picking fantasy teams because I get caught up in the individual players - So and So seems like such a nice man! Even though he's never scored a point in his life, I'll put him on my team! What if he reads these things and feels bad because no one picked him! Don't worry, So and So! I'll pick you!

21/8/06 16:30  
Blogger Cory said...

rotflmao at the both of yunz. As it turns out, I miscounted my spaces, so I'm full anywho. Shady as the computer draft may be, I wouldn't even know. I am clueless about the big four sports. Quite frankly, Russ, if I lived in CO, if the Rapids didn't entertain me enough, I'd prolly join you in watching lacrosse.

I agree with Bre about being caught up in personality a lot. That was certainly true when the WUSA pro women's soccer league existed. As fun as they were to watch play soccer, I just plain wanted to know some of them and hang out with 'em. Eat some yughurt and grape nuts and watch Saved!

Ahhh, well.

23/8/06 18:46  

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