27 February 2006

So, what're you having for dinner?


Kind of vile, but dang!!!! Wouldn't you just LOVE to be able to pig out like a son of a monkey just once in your life?

"I'll take six big macs, four orders of fries, six cans of mandarin oranges, 3 12 inch Subway tuna subs, three tiramisues from La Morra pizza, two pounds of Mounds miniatures, and a six pack of Nesbitt's chocolate soda, por favor."

Come to think of it, when those restrictions are lifted like that, it's somewhat harder than it seems to settle on what makes the perfect dinner. I'd love to just not have to plan it, and just be able to beam me up, say, a Steak and Shake orange soda with chocolate squirted in, and a heaping plate of spaghetti marinara with hummus, elephant garlic, and mandarin orange segments.

Which brings up another point. Those people don't just eat big. They eat weird!

"shawn paul humphries
south carolina
december 2, 2005
McDonald's hamburger, french fries, broccoli and cheese, oat cereal, and a Dr. Pepper."

I could dig up weirder garbage than that, but cereal with a burger? Sheesh.


Blogger tricia said...

My lunch today: bean dip with corn chips and salsa, balsamic glazed chard, and strwberry shortcake. It was clean out the refrigerator day which can make for some really weird meals...I could have added to my meal the roasted sweet potatos, grape leaves, red pepper tofu spread and vegan potpie, but I saved those for my husband :)

28/2/06 15:31  

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