29 March 2006

All I can say is...

...what the freakin' hell??! Both Pat and Geno are done for the year. The Women's Final Four in basketball is set, and I think it's between Duke, LSU, UNC, and...I think...Maryland. No Tennessee and no UConn. As Rae would say, blee blah (don't know what that means to her, but I'll use it as an expletive). Speakinawhich, her dog, I think, is set to beat us all in our men's hoops fantasy league.


Blogger Rae said...

I know! TN getting beaten was a real shocker. Must be global warming or something!!

31/3/06 07:10  
Blogger Cory said...

That or some weirdo was flashing a blue light, and all the UT players got all A.D.D. or whatever.

31/3/06 08:55  

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