23 March 2006

Tour cancelled.

We always think we're so hypervigilant about things. But not always. Never always. I am more used to using Greyhound for my trips across the mid-atlantic. I have coordinated only one trip on Amtrak, and my trip to New Jersey this weekend was to be the second. Greyhound has a guideline that if one bus for a schedule (schedule="flight", but in bus terms) gets filled, another one is added. I've never seen that not happen. Thing is, ya just can't make those promises when you're dealing with trains. I overlooked that fact, and when I plugged in Pittsburgh and New Brunswick on Amtrak's site, it said that they were all sold out. This just never happens on Greyhound, for obvious reasons.

On a lighter note, my cleaning people came, did a good job, and for some reason the female didn't feel like talking (which was nice, since, when she does, she goes on and on for half an hour at a time, once trying to bond with me over coincidental food poisoning episodes involving her, me, and my roommate).

I'll likely sleep in tomorrow, and maybe work on trying to get a volunteer gig. I will, I swear, work on getting some photos on here, soon. I did sign up, I think, for Webshots, so darn it, no excuse now!

Fantasy league season is morphing. The NCAA basketball tournament is progressing, and soon, we'll hit Major Fantasy League Soccer season, with Major League Soccer starting up in a month. I also have a team in Yahoo's Formula 1 and NASCAR leagues.

Wish me luck.


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