25 March 2006

Things to do when not in New Jersey.

Well...you can screw around with your blog and change around the color scheme and templates. Much like I'm doing. I'm also finding out slowly how grossly incompetent I am with this style sheet stuff. Also, one commenter told be the white text on black was a bit hard to read, but I'm not exactly sure her reason. Fortunately, I guess I have eyes of steel. You could play ping pong with them. Except that I'm not going to let you.

Also, as you see, I am screwing around with the banner. I discovered Bloggerheadz off of Run With Me, and I must say I'm rather addicted. It's just that to embed my lil' work of art where I want it, and keep all the other formatting in check, I really need to know a bit more than I technically do. But I'm cocky enough not to care. Gimme an F-16. I promise not to run it into the ground.

Other things to do when not in New Jersey are to watch your friendly, speedy, competent emergency services, such as this one and this one, at work from your bedroom window. This morning, the little pickup truck in this pic was assisted by a copper to what was presumably a paranoid smoke alarm in a nursing home across the way. Yesterday, the aforementioned coppers (four units-worth) chased a minivan and some other car up our very own driveway here at the apartment complex. They arrested some young man for some crime. That never happens here.

Things can be exciting outside of New Jersey, I tell you.


Blogger mrsmogul said...

I used to make fun of NJ but now that my sister lives there I LOVE IT! LOVE THE MALLS!

25/3/06 18:04  
Blogger Cory said...

An old camp friend of mine's father---he and the family used to live in some quaint (or maybe not, it was called Tolland) town in NE CT. The dad moved to NJ, not sure where, and he tells me he absofreakinlutely loves it. He found CT "boring".

25/3/06 18:52  

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