01 March 2006

background check

So, what do you have as desktop backgrounds right now? Mine is this. I'm kind of a geek, especially with regard to symbolism and nomenclature. I've long been fascinated by highway markers. Colorful, but plainly informative. I like this site, which describes all that you ever have wanted to understand regarding our highway coding and such. Many sections of signage errors, as well, where maybe U.S. 5 is marked as Vermont 5 (which does not exist). Many articles on this and other sites also go in depth to explain route numbering systems (if they aren't completely random). including oddities like West Virginia's "fractional highways".

Let's all post a blog entry about what a geek I am.

(Ever been in the mood to blog like crazy, but not had any good ideas? That's about where I am tonight. Don't mind me.)


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