02 March 2006

Davidus Bowieski

I had some nasty insomnia last night. I sometimes get that way if I've, say, posted an important thread on a bulletin board and am waiting intently for it to be answered. Such, if I remember correctly, was the case last night.

I forgot to set my alarm, and I awoke to the sound of the door buzzer. Right before I realized that was happening, I was amidst an odd dream that a guy who looked exactly like David Bowie had walked into my room when I was still sleeping. Thing is, he started speaking to me in an Eastern European accent.

I sort of wonder if the door buzzer and the dream were related. If someone is in a leaden sleep, can you just...like...wake them to the point that they are dreaming, but aware of it, and not really functionally awake?

Does that make any sense? Any of you into dreams and such?


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