06 May 2006

A moment of vanity for Cory

Just curious, does anybody subscribe to this thing? Like, does anybody get emails when I get around to updating this blog?

I'm being so silly. :p


Blogger plods said...

I do when I check out my bloglines account!

6/5/06 19:06  
Anonymous russ said...

I do not subscribe, but I check back daily. And F5, the refresh button, is my best friend.

8/5/06 10:21  
Blogger Cory said...

lol, yeah, I'm all about the refresh button as well.

And bloglines! I just signed up due to your mentioning it. I need to go back to it to see what I havent done with it yet. Neat service.

8/5/06 18:38  
Blogger Rae said...

I subscribe through Google Reader, of course I'm a week behind right now because of our trip.

I like the new template!!

11/5/06 21:36  
Blogger Cory said...

Thanks a lot. :) It's just one of those template ones. I haven't tweaked it at all except to adjust the link, hlink, vlink and text colors, and add the links area to the bottom.

11/5/06 23:31  

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