20 May 2006

New Orleans Vote '06

Looks like Nola is up for a mayoral vote, with the black incumbent facing the white challenger. I have yet to read up on much of this, however, I know the incumbent mayor is supposed to be kind of a racist, and very stubborn about that. The concensus seems to be that he really needs to reach out across color lines, and of course somehow get folks to...well, basically overlook Katrina. I suppose I'm showing my colors already. Nagin didn't, from what I see, do much to help his city through the disaster, so therefore, he is as much to blame as the U.S. Government for the slow response and recovery.

Yahoo article



Blogger Beast1624 said...

I totally agree with your take on it. And yes, he is a racist. He is the one who said he wanted to make New Orleans a 'chocolate city'. What would a white mayor be called who said he wanted to make it a vanilla city? I rest my case.

22/5/06 01:26  

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