09 May 2006

Parker, are you being shadowy?

Well, folks, I am beyond shot tonight. I really don't know why. I've not done anything too productive besides uncover a $500/mo pension that I didn't know I was eligible for. Important, yes, but things like that don't burn too many calories.

I watched the bird flu movie that was on ABC tonight. Not sure about your DMAs, but in Pittsburgh, our local affiliate actually had a bunch of "bird flu experts" on standby to take your calls, as though it were a WQED telethon. Personally, it was an entertaining movie, but it really irks me how severely the media are trying to get us all panicky. I do think this disease will amount to something, but probably nothing worse than SARS.

In other news, I kept seeing ads for Boston Legal tonight, which I had never watched. But I am freakish about Parker Posey, ever since my cable system has aired Party Girl a gazillion times a month.

Speakinawhich...could this be her that I saw in Squirrel Hill at CMU?

Caption time, baby!


Anonymous russ said...

We were issued a press release about this movie. It's BS. Bird flu ... is a bird virus. We're bound to have some sort of disease happen in the future, but people panic for no reason.

10/5/06 10:40  
Anonymous russ said...

Despite government warnings, women still cannot transform into automobiles like the famed “robots in disguise.”

10/5/06 15:34  

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