29 June 2006

On the flip side...

I haven't really given this too much thought myself, but I'll ask anyhow:

Assuming there is an "other side", who would you like to meet that you never got to meet in your lifetime? Me? That's a hard question. I was listening to the song of all songs, "Whole of the Moon" by the Waterboys, and really honed in on the backup vocalist, who in my mind has a lovely voice. Her name is Max Edie, and she had to be only in her early twenties back when that song was produced. She fascinates me. She is one of those folks that seemed to have a very short "fifteen minutes", and then drifted back under the radar. By all accounts I'm aware of, she is still a musician, but I don't know for whom or in what capacity. She strikes me as the exemplification of somebody doing something for the love of it, but who has enjoyed widely tangible success in the most universal sense of the word. Kind of the Parker Posey of musicians. Not craving fame, but not craving privacy, either. Just going with the flow, and using her best talents along the way.


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