27 June 2006

Woe is me.

This pic is me after realizing that my whole roll of pics from St. Louis was supremely crummy. Details soon.


Anonymous russ said...

Go Digital!

27/6/06 11:33  
Anonymous Allison said...

You look threatening.

27/6/06 19:39  
Blogger Cory said...

Is this Allison from Allisonlives? Well, regardless, yeah, I'm not too bad, unless I myself feel threatened. That picture was taken in a restroom stall at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport on my way home. In reality, I was just bloated or something. Didn't quite know if I was constipated or...well...runny. I hate that! Regardless, I think I was still just plain shot from being sick.

Indeed, I don't like posing for the camera, but I felt like I owed you faithful few that come to my blog a pic of me. But if it makes you happier, dig into my archives to the Ann Arbor post. That has a slightly friendlier, if more grizzly, photo of me.

28/6/06 00:21  
Blogger Rae said...

Ha!!!! I was going to ask if you were in a bathroom stall!

30/6/06 07:15  
Blogger Cory said...

Yep. Well, I promised you all photos from St. Louis. And I delivered. Technically speaking. At least I didn't outright forget. :p

3/7/06 17:57  

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