30 June 2006

Stolen from Anne...err..ummm...Kate...uh...yeah.

Thanks, Miss F.

5 Things In My Fridge:
A big bag of Tootsie Rolls (445?)
two heads of organic (I'm turning into a hippie!) iceberg lettuce
A mostly empty bag of Spree
A jar of 50Fifty (?) diabetic-friendly (?) grape-ish jelly
Breyers yoghurt (cherry, cherry-on-bottom, lime)

5 Things In My Closet:
a wicker trash can
a red sleeping bag
crutch tips
a gray hoodie
ripped up boxes

5 Things In My Purse (or in my case, fanny pack):
lots of change
green ACCESS tickets (ACCESS is a paratransit organization [lift van service] run by Port Authority Transit)
two sets of keys
a receipt from Giant Eagle
a little lint


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