30 June 2006

Clap clap yeah. (Say, what color are suburban teeth, anyhow?)

Do any of you use Musicmatch? I'm copletely zoned out on it now. The great thing is that I have discovered various new (to me) bands such as Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and The Postal Service. The bummer about it, though, is that there's always the heavy danger of looping one single song for so long that you burn out on a song that initially you were so excited about. That has just about happened for me with Clap Your Hands' song "The Skin Of My Yellow Country Teeth". I'm not sure how to link to a song, but go find it! Now!!! You have to go to the bathroom urgently? No! You need good music on your computer! Go! Now!

(And be happy I now have a reason to cease incessantly droning on about The Waterboys!)

In other news, I saw The Devil Wears Prada today at the Carmike Cranberry 8. Great movie, but I won't try to detail it. Just...great movie! No intriguing previews, but I hear Lindsay Lohan's in a new flick.

Finally, I've not been my normal obsessive soccer fan this week. I did catch a little of the Italy-Ukraine match, just before Italy started pouding Ukraine. I was kind of hoping for a Ukraine victory. I felt like seeing an underdog win. Not sure why; it would only make things that much easier for Brazil and Germany, neither of whom I'm big on (again, just because they are heavy favorites, from what I hear). For tomorrow, I think I'll at least watch France and Brazil. I know Plods is all about France, and I'm all about her blog, so...Go France.


Blogger Rae said...

I'd like to see Devil Wears Prada! I'm glad you liked it, I may have to watch it soon! The book was good.

7/7/06 07:10  
Blogger Cory said...

I need to read the book. Heck, I need to read a book.

16/7/06 12:00  

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