18 August 2006

Actual Football

I've never been big on football. No, wait. Let me clarify. I've never been big on football culture. But I do like my fantasy leagues. Rae and I and two more folks have been in a baseball one. However, that one turned out a little lame, since my points system somehow made it so that all four of us have been in lockstep for the last four months or so. Oh well. That was my first time managing. I have a new league called Actual Football, on Yahoo!, where I paid a bit more attention to how each stat affected a game, and tried to adjust the points system accordingly.

I bring this all up because Russ has the same thing goin' on with his local pals in The Denver, and he just put up a lovely screenshot of it (I want to know how to do that!).

As for me, I have no clue if you'll be able to follow this. Not sure if you need to be in the league, be a Yahoo! member, etc. But I'll give this a try. The league is here. My team is Sparkwood Bugaboo. There are, apparently, five more slots as of now. Join if you'd like. I'm at 15 teams, and max out at 20. (password afafaf)

Oh, and good luck over there, Mission Control!


Sparkwood Bugaboo


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