01 August 2006

my music, my store

Well, I went to WalMart today, just to get out and enjoy some good AC. I came away with new underwear, socks, and a couple of cool ties, one burgundyish and one a dark silver. Sorry to all the detractors. I used to be one myself, when I lived up in Vermont. I LOVE WALMART! I am not too cool to shop somewere with a white trash reputation! I cross stereotype lines, people!

Now, on to my Musicmatch Jukebox. I must list the bands on mine. Russ talked about his selection. May as well divulge mine (band: song):

Adam Ant: Strip

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah: Over and Over Again, The Skin Of My Yellow Country Teeth

Coldplay: Clocks, The Scientist

Dave Grusin: The Mountain Dance

Erasure: Take A Chance On Me

Joy Division: Love Will Tear Us Apart

Kaiser Chiefs: I Predict A Riot

Liz Phair: Supernova

Madness: Wings Of A Dove

Mannheim Steamroller: Deck The Halls, Good King Wenceslas

Michael Manring: Welcoming

Roxette: Joyride

Roxy Music: More Than This

Rusted Root: Send Me On My Way

Simple Minds: Alive And Kicking, Don't You Forget About Me

Talk Talk: It's My Life

Tegan and Sara: Downtown, Fix You Up, Frozen, I bet It Stung, I won't Be Left, Monday Monday Monday, Take Me Anywhere, Walking With A Ghost

The Call: The Walls Came Down

The Cure: Close To Me

The Jesus And Mary Chain: Just Like Honey

The Kinks: Come Dancing

The Postal Service: Be Still My Heart, Brand New Colony, Nothing Better, Sleeping In, Such Great Heights, The District Sleeps Alone, There's Never Enough Time, This Place is a Prison, We Will Become Silhouettes

The Waterboys: Whole Of The Moon

The Yellowjackets: The Dream

World Party: Ship Of Fools

I have a nagging feeling there is more, but this seems to be it. Whew!


Blogger Rae said...

Nothing beats a trip to Wallyworld and some new undies!

I didn't even know you guys had W-mart up north!

1/8/06 18:51  
Blogger Cory said...

Dude, I used to live in Vermont, which is known for Phish-listenin', granla-eatin', old-Subaru-and-Volvo-drivin' hippies. The area I lived in, Brattleboro and vicinity, was very activist in it's crusade to remain the last state without a Wal-Mart. There were bumperstickers on everybody's cars saying stuff like "NO TO WALMART" or whatever. Thing is, Vermont is a very difficult place to develop because of Act 250, which, IIRC, makes you have to petition to the state in order to build a new building, especially for commercial purposes. So, only in the late '90's, when I left, did walmart ever open up in Vermont. The one near us was in Hinsdale, NH (we were in the "Tri-State Region", which is anchored by Brattleboro, VT; Keene, NH; and Greenfield, Mass---the NH side is very hillbilly).

1/8/06 19:01  
Blogger Laura said...

Good selection.

EVERYBODY has Wal-mart.

1/8/06 19:30  
Blogger Cory said...

Thank you.

And darnit, everybody should. Glad Reno isn't overly quaint so that nonsense doesn't happen.

1/8/06 22:51  

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