02 August 2006

stuck in the future

Listening to: "Send Me On My Way", Rusted Root. Well, OK, now it's "Supernova" by Liz Phair.

Am I a the biggest moron or what? I thought it was Thursday. I was all gettin' excited about The Office being on, but alas it is not to be, at least until tomorrow. 'Tis OK. I'm having fun with all the Wikipedia character sketches about the show, like this one and this one, and this one, and the this one for the whole crowd (I wish they'd fix this URL; it was supposed to go to Kelly Kapour).

And I changed desktop wallpapers, from this to this.

Why do you people even come to my blog anymore? Y'all must have a high threshold for bull. Go get yourselves lives! (but put me on your blogrolls first)



Blogger Laura said...

It's Thursday NOW. Commence.

3/8/06 11:59  
Blogger Cory said...

Sweet!!!!! SWEET SWEET SWEEEEEEET!!!! If I weren't so groggy, I'd write a novel on my love for The Office.

http://www.krnv.com/ Where The Office Comes First (by about 2.5 hours! Woo!)

3/8/06 17:08  

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