10 August 2006

stepping away from the c for a bit

Listening to: "Whole of the Moon", Waterboys (some strong, apropos lyrics)

I made a comment on a person's blog in the past day or two that wasn't taken as I had intended. I have yet to revisit the person's blog, except extremely briefly, where I saw an angry comment in response. I did not revisit this person's blog for long enough to pore over what I had written. However, I do remember that the spirit of the comment was a good one. I do tend toward a particular sense of humor, and against other standards thereof. Perhaps that puts me in a position where I can't easily put myself in another's shoes. I'm just not sure. I intend to revisit that blog and ponder my comment when I have more time in the next day or two.

In retrospect, in the seven or so months I've had this particular blog, I have become aware of instances on three blogs (all on the list to the right) where I have commented in a way that has not been taken in the way I intended. I eagerly take my share of the blame (whether it's all or partially mine). I think this last issue was the straw that broke...awww, hell, I get my cliches mixed up.

Recently, for reasons unknown, Brent declared (from what I interpreted) that he was finished in the blogosphere. As it turns out, he wasn't, quite, but his post count has diminished. He seems to blog now when something needs to be said, instead of blogging for its own sake and having nothing to say, like what happens to me at times.

I'm not out to offend folks. I've met some talented folks in the blogosphere, whether or not I agree with them all the time (and I do not, which I think is good). I seek to learn from them. But it is hard trying to guess how others think at times. Common sense goes 26 miles, but what about the two tenths beyond that? I like to think I'm at least at that last mile-marker. I like to think I can go past that and approach the actual line.

My life will hopefully calm down a bit after 15 October. I'll hopefully be settled at a volunteer job. My mother will have come and gone. Until then, I will assume burnout. I probably write more than I'm capable of between this, freewrites for my mother's upcoming book, and comments on others' blogs. Some of my comments on others' blogs are longer and more meaningful than some of my own entries, and that ain't right. Therefore, I think I'll stop for a while. I'm going to stop posting in my own blog and maybe slow down my commentary on other blogs. I have lots that is stressing me out. A large amount of housework I have been neglecting, a windmill-chase for a volunteer job, a very slowly recuperating back, a relationship with my mother that is too intense for my life.

My hiatus will let me address those issues, as well as do some long-neglected blog housekeeping, which includes uploading and labeling photos, and possibly changing the colors and template. Most importantly, though, evaluating whether I need to end the blog.

Thanks to all that I have managed to somehow entertain, and very sincere apologies to all those I have offended.




Blogger plods said...

Relax Cory, we're all just a bunch of internet ninjas anyways! :-) Hope your back feels better

11/8/06 03:35  
Blogger Rae said...

Awwww, don't stop! I get rude comments all the time telling me to keep my opinions to myself. You just have to ignore those people and appreciate that you bring a lot of humor and joy to people like our little family. I wish I had time to say more, but Brent is standing at the door telling me to hurry up!! (It's work time, ugh!!)

11/8/06 08:06  
Blogger Laura said...

Everything anybody says has the potential to offend somebody. I learned that one and also learned that blogs are not always GOOD. But what is, really. Anyway I hope you clear your mind and come back whenever you feel like it!

11/8/06 13:10  
Blogger brent d. said...

You can't worry about other people. Trust me, I've offended my share of people (including the whole fanbase of a country singer) without meaning to. It sucks when people take you the wrong way but blogs are like chatting on AIM... unless you're sitting there face to face with someone where you can hear the inflections in their voice... it's sometimes hard to understand how they mean things. I hope things calm down for you a bit. I slowed down blogging for a lot of the same reasons you've mentioned. I plan on being back soon. Hang in there and keep in touch!!

11/8/06 22:24  
Blogger E-Speed said...

enjoy the break!

11/8/06 23:21  
Anonymous russ said...

I hate the word "blogosphere."

13/8/06 10:52  
Blogger Beast1624 said...

You are more than welcome to comment on mine any time and any way you wish. I know your heart and I apreciate the time you take to get involved. The others that give you grief for excersicig your right to express your opinion are just being close minded...bet they would squeal loudest if someone tried to supress their opinion...

16/8/06 23:20  
Blogger Heather said...

Hope you'll return soon!

18/8/06 12:14  

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